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Volunteer Programme and Benefits

Volunteer of the Year 2014
Volunteer of the Year 2014

Sharing your compassion, talents and expertise is what makes becoming a volunteer at West Middlesex a rewarding experience. Our volunteers are an integral part of the patient experience and help to create a comforting environment for all our patients and their families. 

Benefits of volunteering

Along with these benefits some of the greatest are helping our patients and families, making friends, and exploring healthcare careers. All of these, plus the satisfaction of a job well done will make your time at West Middlesex University Hospital worthwhile. In addition you will receive: 

  • Meal allowance on your volunteer day (when working 4 hours or more)
  • Travel expenses covered where appropriate
  • Participation in hospital activities

Volunteer programme

Our volunteer program is designed to engage volunteers seven days a week; Volunteers usually work shifts of two to four hours per day and may work one or more days/evenings per week depending on scheduling needs. Assignments are determined based on skills, personality and interests. 

The following are some of the areas volunteers currently work in: 

  •  Administration Volunteers

  •  Library Trolley Volunteers

  •  PALS Volunteers

  •  Ward Volunteers

  •  Reception Meeters and Greeters

  •  Patient Feeding Support

  •  Chaplaincy Volunteer Team

  •  Radio West Middlesex Ward team

  •  Outpatients Meeters and Greeters

  •  Accident & Emergency Support Volunteers (over 18’s only)

  •  Day Surgery Support Team (over 18’s only)

  •  Cardiac, Stroke and Diabetes Awareness Support Teams

  •  Gardening Support

  •  Volunteers also participate in Trust initiatives throughout the year, for example our annual hospital open day

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